About Lilian

Lilian Ewing has channelled Adama from the Inner Earth since May 2000 after about 6 years of personal emotional healing and courses in spiritual healing. Although Adama first made himself known when she was 4 years old.

A healing session with Lilian involves Adama, her drum and sacred geometry to connect you to your deepest levels so that you can gain clear communication with your soul and be open to receive universal energy at all times.

She studied jewellery design and production at TAFE to create energy jewellery with crystals.

She is currently in Western Australia with her Husband and Daughter.

Artist's Statement:

Lilian is driven by a deep desire to incorporate the healing value of creativity using the forces of nature.

The most significant for her are the powerful but gentle forces of crystals picked from the land in their raw form. Each crystal is chosen and programmed using it's own individual qualities.

Her work uses several crystals to create balance and focus that supports the intention of emotional healing whilst being a beautiful investment in art. Lilian will explore, develop and produce works of Feng Shui art to enrich the body, mind and environment. Whether the piece is to be worn or to sit in a room to strengthen ones renewed consciousness.

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