To build a foundation

It is important to go within because as things start to really speed up, like earth changes, the old ways will go. We need to be strong with in because we have lived with distractions so long it is all we know. We have dramas, TV, games, computers, work and family commitments.
In ancient times people spent a large portion of their days in meditation and reflection which nurtures the soul. We feel abandoned when we don’t go within enough.
There is a meditation available on this site called Personal Rhythm which will assist in this process.

Being in nature and connecting with nature is also important as we have lost that in our busy lives.
Again in ancient times people communicated with nature constantly for guidance and direction.
Hunting was an exercise in close connection with the land to be lead to where the food was and then to connect with the animal or even the plant life and ask if it would be ideal for their nourishment.
We have lost the ability to know if what we are eating is good for us.
It is simple to go within and hold the food or imagine eating it and feel if it is right.
Try doing it, you’ll find it very interesting.