August 1, 2007

Greetings friends,

We wish to discuss the changes in consciousness and awareness.

All things that have been taught by religions and government are opposite to what is true. This has been done deliberately to keep their subjects in fear and therefore under control.

The changes in consciousness that began in earnest in 1988 have begun to crumble these old regimes.

Even science is beginning to realise that it is the mind that creates everything in the world, and of course these old regimes never wanted the population to ever find this out. They wanted people to believe that they are powerless.

When a person believes that the government and wealthy create their world then that person will help them with that reality by believing it also. This makes that reality stronger and keeps it in place. The same is true about beliefs of God, the congregation believes what the priest says and therefore makes it so.

It is time to create what you really want and not be swayed by others who you believe have power over you. Life was meant to be easy so go forth and play, see what you can create.

With Love,

Crystal Earth



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